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Pups In Progress has been serving the dog training and behavior modification needs of Cobb County and surrounding areas since 2005. Our mission is to help you have a happy, healthy, balanced, and responsible relationship with your dog. Whether you have a new puppy or an adult dog, training is the key to building the mutual trust and respect that are necessary aspects of the relationship at BOTH ends of the leash. Building a good relationship takes time, commitment, and a little bit of effort. We want to help you achieve your goals.

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Magnolia with Cannon

Since childhood, Wendy has felt a special connection to animals. Her family had several dogs and cats. Originally from Niagara Falls, New York she moved to Phoenix, Arizona where she lived for 8 years.  While there, she rescued 2 dogs from local animal shelters.

After reading everything she could get her hands on she decided to learn more so she attended one of the top training schools in the country.  She completed her education in 2003 as a certified dog trainer.  After school, she moved to Georgia.

In December 2003, Wendy decided to make dogs her full time career and accepted a position at a dog daycare and boarding facility.  The opportunity to observe a group of dogs at play on a daily basis has helped sharpen her observation skills.  Being able to anticipate a dog’s behavior by reading their body language is a skill that develops over time through practice and is critical to communication with dogs.  Wendy credits the playgroups at the daycare for this education.  Dogs are amazing teachers if you are open to their lessons.  The daycare is also where she met and adopted her third dog.

It is Wendy’s love of and background in education that keeps her striving to learn as much as possible from as many different sources as possible.  She tries to learn something new from every dog and person she meets.  Although she loved the daycare, she wanted to further her education, so she took a position as a veterinary assistant for a year.  This lesson was rewarding and difficult at the same time.  The lessons learned and knowledge gained is invaluable.

Being well rounded and knowledgeable in different aspects of dog care are important to her.  She is also certified in Pet first aid and CPR.  While she had been training dogs part time while working full time dog related jobs, in 2005 Wendy decided it was time to open her own training business and make that her full time career.  Pups In Progress goes along with her philosophy of continuing education.  There is always more to learn, so we are never finished, always in progress.

Atlanta Dog Trainer – Wendy Winquist is an active member of IACP (International Association of Canine Professionals).  She attends conferences and seminars to stay current on the latest trends and techniques.  Wendy provides private in-home dog training lessons and residency dog training programs where dogs actually live with her. She currently resides in Austell, Ga. With her 4 adopted mixed breed dogs and 1 cat.

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