Dog Training Testimonials

Dog Training Testimonials from Families We've Helped

Here’s what a few families had to say…

  • hewittDear Wendy, Just wanted to let you know that because of the miracle you have done with Atari, we were able to enjoy our guests, family and our grand-kids. Thank you so much for everything you’re doing with her. We witnessed first hand the results of your great work. Can’t thank you enough for the time you are taking to make my “FatGirl” sociable.”

    Sam Newman, Atlanta -

  • hewitt“My husband decided to surprise me by buying the cutest yellow lab puppy- Magnolia Belle. After a struggle to get pregnant, she is still one of the greatest gifts I have ever received. Our first huge mistake was getting her too soon from the breeder and realizing that we were in over our heads. We thought Magnolia would adapt to our lives and that we could teach her the socialization skills she would need to be a great family dog, but we were mistaken. As Magnolia grew, she was developing a personality that was overly excited and made it difficult for her successfully to interact with our young daughter, eventually a new baby, and even guests in our home. We found ourselves crating her more and more and allowed our excuses to outweigh our actions when it came to getting her trained. Finally, my mom recommended Pups in Progress and Wendy came to our rescue! Wendy kept Magnolia in her home for several weeks and worked on a complete canine program with her. I get emotional just thinking about how Wendy truly changed our lives by teaching Magnolia how to relax and become a true member of our family. She tailored Magnolia’s training to what we thought were the biggest concerns for her interacting with our children and being able to interact with people who came into our home. Magnolia now knows a wealth of commands, and she has learned how to interact with other dogs and people. She loves to relax but also play with her toys and go for walks with our family. Wendy has worked one-on-one with our entire family, teaching us how to interact with Magnolia to help reinforce her training. One of the most impressive factors was Wendy providing us with a DVD of video footage documenting the training process. Wendy takes time to explain everything in detail and has continued to counsel us on what actions will continue to help Magnolia be the most successful with what she has learned. The whole process has truly changed our families’ life and we could not be more grateful to Wendy.”

    The Hewitts -

  • hera

    “When it came time for us to get a new puppy, we knew that we wanted to begin the journey on the right foot.  We had never used a trainer before, and our previous dog had several behavioral issues which we were hoping to avoid.  We found Wendy at Pups in Progress and asked her to provide training for our new German shepherd, Hera. It was the best decision we made for us and our girl!

     Wendy listened to us and customized her training based on our needs and our puppy’s temperament. She provided training sessions at our house, worked around our schedules, and was always willing to go the extra mile. For example, we wanted to make sure Hera was well socialized with other dogs. In response, Wendy organized many opportunities for Hera to meet and interact with other dogs.  Wendy’s expert training prevented all of the common behavioral problems that many owners encounter when bringing a new dog into their family.  Wendy remains a positive influence in our girl’s life to this day, and we still seek her out when we have questions or when we see opportunities for more advanced training. We are so happy that we found Wendy and Pups in Progress. If you are a dog owner seeking expert training from someone who is honest, trustworthy, and capable, I strongly recommend you contact Pups in Progress.”
    Johnathan Steppe - RN
  • jenkins“When we rescued our Basset Hound puppy, named Eeyore, we quickly realized we were going to need some help. We wanted to train him right from the beginning to avoid bad behavior developing as he grew.
     Our veterinarian recommended Wendy and we called her right away. She met with us to find out what our family was like, what our goals were and tell us how the training worked. I was very nervous about making mistakes but Wendy had a way of putting me at ease and let me know we would do great. We did everything she taught us to do and he is a wonderful member of our pack. I am so thankful for her and what she has done for our family.”
    Jackie Jenkins -
  • brodie“About at my wits end and on the verge of returning Brodie, my three-year-old Shih Tzu rescue, to the Center where I got him, I called Wendy in desperation.  Brodie is an adorable, quite lovable little boy, but we were at an impasse.  Wendy came over within a day or two of my call.  She actually worked with me more than Brodie, since I’d never had a dog in my adult life and truly didn’t know how to handle him.  In a matter of hours, Brodie and I were a happy, inseparable pair.  Wendy is truly a professional and more than generous with her time.  She has kept in touch and I’m happy to say that I regard her as a friend. You’ll never find a better, more caring trainer for your dog than Wendy. “

    Fran and Brodie -
  • McDowell“Wendy is a terrific dog trainer, and I would highly recommend her. She worked with me and my husband to train our Golden Doodle, well… she trained us too! That was one of the best things about working with Wendy. Not only does she know what to do, but she helps you know how to get the same results with your dog. It’s as if she’s part psychologist–she can really tell what you need to do, like step up or step back with your assertiveness, and she knows how to communicate that to you in a diplomatic and friendly way. She truly loves dogs and most certainly our dog loves her.
    Another thing that I really valued about our training time with Wendy was that she worked with us on whatever we needed, wherever we needed it. She brought other dogs with her so we could get our dog used to meeting up with others while on her leash. She supervised our dog meeting a house guest’s dog. She coached us through a panicky call from the Silver Comet when cyclists were freaking our dog out!
    Wendy is very dedicated, and she’s creative about finding new ways to try things. She’s also knowledgeable about all things “dog”–food, toys, mites, etc. I give her the highest recommendation.”
    Sandy McDowell -
  • Papastrat“When we decided to bring a puppy into our home, without any prior dog ownership experience, we knew we would need expert guidance. We were fortunate to have been put in touch with Wendy Winquist of Pups In Progress, who advised us on all the important matters before us. Wendy was there from the start, guiding us in how to go about selecting our dog and how to get him home safely and happily. The training Wendy provided in terms of basic obedience, helping our dog to sleep through the night, and that all important “house training”, was invaluable. Just as importantly, Wendy made sure we socialized” our dog early and often in terms of interactions with other dogs and with people, and we attribute our dog’s friendly and affectionate nature to those early socialization techniques. We are so thankful that Wendy was there for us, and there for our dog!”
    The Papastrat Family -
  • “Our Mom, Shirley, thought she knew enough about us dogs. She even watched The Dog Whisperer a lot but she needed some professional training. We were very patient with her but finally we had enough! We got into a fight with some neighbor dogs and that convinced her she needed some help. We are very big dogs and we would take her for walks and we were the alpha dogs! She called our veterinarian for advice and the vet recommended Pups In Progress. Wendy came to our house and it was love at first sight! She understood us and seemed to speak our language! She took us for walks and showed Mom how to do it. I must say she did very well with Wendy’s instructions! Wendy gave Mom a lot of information that she didn’t know and when she applied what Wendy taught her, we have a much better time. Wendy came to see us twice because we got rained out the first time, and she spent a lot of time to make sure our Mom was getting it! She even sent us emails to make sure we were doing okay. I think she is the best! Wendy really went beyond and really cares about dogs and their people!”
    Missy and Woody Johnson -
  • Ferron-testimonial“We highly recommend Pups In Progress for training. We shopped around many different trainers, training classes, and training companies and were thrilled to find Wendy. In her training services, she takes time to learn about the dog and the family. She helped train my husband and I on how to train and deal with our puppy as much as she trained the puppy. The best part was that it was one on one, and she tailored the training to our family’s needs and what we wanted the puppy to learn, in addition to the basic commands. For instance, we had a new baby 8 weeks ago, and Wendy provided us with a CD of baby sounds to play for the puppy, as well as helped us teach him things such as walking effectively with a stroller. Now I can easily take both the baby and the puppy for walks. As an example of how service oriented she is: our son came unexpectedly, almost a month early. We were able to call Wendy and she was kind enough to come get the puppy right away and keep him for us for a week. During that time, she also got from us a blanket that the baby had been swaddled in and used it to orient the puppy with the baby in preparation of their first meeting. During that time, Wendy had also played the baby sounds CD for the puppy. By the time he came home, he was wonderful, very well trained, and very accepting of the baby. In short we couldn’t recommend her enough.”
    Weslee Ferron -